Creating events designed to ignite and inspire!

We all need A Time to Breathe!

Whether your event is
here in San Diego

or somewhere around the world, you deserve the opportunity to create that special space.

Your breathing space may be needing someone to take care of the logistics of creating the experience you envision for your seminar or retreat.  You bring the topic -- we create the environment!

Your breathing space may be creating a get away with your girlfriends, your family, your organization, your business team or your clients?

Are you feeling overwhelmed on where to start or who to call? What is your Vision?

A Time to Breathe can help bring that vision to life! 
We can help with everything from finding the location to building all the amenities to being your hands-on partners during your event! 

Release the stress!
Now sit down, relax and embrace a time to breathe
Let's create something magical!

A Time to Breathe is so much more than an event planning service.  It is about creating an experience that will stay with you long after the event has ended. It is about helping you designing a space that will connect you with your visions, re-energize your spirit, and rekindle your passions.

A Time to Breathe is a feeling and an experience that comes from letting go of the chaos and pressures of your life and welcoming the opportunity to embrace...

a time to love,
 a time to laugh,
a time to embrace,
a time to dance,
a time to sing,

  And a little time to just breathe!